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故意的: Positioning Montana Tech for the Future

故意的 summarizes 菲律宾十大彩票平台大学’s new strategic plan. This plan provides a platform for fulfilling our special focus to meet the needs of our students, 蒙大拿州, 以及整个人类. 有着悠久的成功历史, 这个计划不仅让我们为未来做好准备, 但加快了我们对学生的承诺, 独特的项目, 以及强健健康的校园文化.


成立于1900年的蒙大拿州矿业学院, we offered 学位s in mining and electrical engineering with a focus on mining and the processing of ore.

Our mission expanded in the 1960s to include programs focused on the responsible development of natural resources and energy.

今天, 菲律宾十大彩票平台大学, we serve as Montana’s only Special Focus science and engineering university.

在我们的旅程中, we have maintained our enthusiasm for hands-on learning and our heritage of work ethic, 创新, 和机会.


Montana Tech is a place of purpose, home to uncommon thinking, teaching, 研究, and 创新.

By embracing Montana as our living laboratory and emphasizing the value of experiential learning and community building, we offer a world-class education as a premier STEM university.

We prepare graduates for careers in industry, energy, healthcare, and professional fields.



As Montana’s Special Focus Institution, 菲律宾十大彩票平台大学
provides a transformative student experience by developing leaders and
advancing science, engineering, and technology, with the purpose of
benefiting humanity while meeting the changing needs of society.




他们是我们所做一切的核心, and our commitment to providing them a transformational experience is unparalleled.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of who we are.

人是我们最重要的商品, and we are steadfast in providing a fair and equitable community where all are valued.


Through collaboration, resolve, and fierce determination we value getting things done.

Hands-on, applied, and experiential learning is in our DNA; it’s what we’re about!

We provide a supportive and dynamic environment to ensure this is evident in all we do.

We embrace 创新, creativity, and forward-thinking.

We strive to create an environment where all will flourish.



绝对独特的, 清新负担得起的, 并且有意创新, 我们强大的学术课程, 服务, and learning environment position students at the center of all we do by focusing on accessibility, 订婚, and employability from first impression through graduation and beyond.


在所有项目中刻意追求卓越, 我们提供变革性的学习经验, 研究, 并通过体验式学习提供服务, 指导, 社区及业界参与. 我们授权合作解决问题的人, determined doers who make an impact in their profession and our world.

目标3:健康 & 生机勃勃的校园生态

机会主义和创新, we embrace our rich cultural heritage and abundant recreational environment to foster an inclusive and sustainable campus ecosystem. We provide exceptional service and invest in effective infrastructure that creates opportunities for social, 知识, 专业成长.


Let us know if you have questions or comments about the strategic plan.